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How are the materials Annified?

How the content uploaded to Ann's Reader have these unique capabilities that allow student to interact with any exercise, get formative assessment and report their progress to their teachers? With cutting-edge AI driven technology. In a 4 step process, detailed below, Ann understands your outstanding curriculum and suggests interactive interventions powered by Machine-Learning - making it the top reader for educational materials

Step 1 - Element detection

Ann automatically identifies all the different elements present in the pages and cut the images of each exercise, providing versions for different setups (desktop, mobile, etc).


Text instruction


Page Number

Tag and value


Step 2 - Text transformation

Ann provides live text, with highlighting, text to speech, instant translation of the materials and accessibility features. (1).gif

Step 3 - Interactive like magic!

Ann uses Machine-Learning to suggest interactive interventions in the materials, understanding the elements that were previously recognized and their interactive potential

Slice 1.png

Step 4 - Formative assessment

Ann reads the answer keys to provide instant assessments for all the content. We also provide a friendly editing tool to tweak the interactions suggested by the engine. (2).gif
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