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Ann was the main character of an amazing Geektime article!

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Ann is on the news!!!

We are really proud to see our company's mission is raising attention from people worldwide. With our digital solution present in three continents and a round of investment completed, Ann's awareness is increasing exponentially. This brilliant Geektime article, by Dor Schwartz, brings to light some important information about our goals, vision and history so far.

“At Ann, we’ve discovered that an essential ingredient in preparing and brightening our youngest minds for their future is, quite simply, emphasizing the way they experience learning,” says Yotam Shtayner, CEO of Ann, an Israeli startup reinventing the way we engage with our education.

We're working to improve the learning process, to make the future better for both educators and students. It's great to see our company being recognized!

Let's Reinvent Learning!

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