The Ann Platform

The Ann Platform is a SaaS e-teaching solution that helps educators maximize their students’ potential using personalized learning paths and the existing curriculum.


The Ann Platform is perfectly suited for hybrid learning with its data-driven actionable insights.

Actionable insights on students’ progress

Ann's machine learning algorithms study students’ behavior and progress and provide teachers with data-driven actionable insights into how to create the most effective learning experience for each student. Using the data from the platform and the classroom together improves the entire learning experience.

Personalized learning paths

Ann’s artificial intelligence breaks down the curriculum and creates personalized learning paths to boost engagement and understanding. The learning paths are based on the student’s psychological profile, skill levels and motivation level, and provide the students with the most engaging learning experience.

Supported content aligns with state and district standards

Ann’s innovative approach to content allows it to adapt any type of content to the platform.

Teachers can keep using the textbooks and other resources they are used to via the platform. The teacher’s instruction is enhanced by the platform’s built-in aides: explainer videos, written explanations and peer support, and students can use the type of aide that suits them best.

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