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Experience the #Annification!

Let’s solve a few exercises as learners and brush up on our homework skills!


A learning platform to suit every publishers need!

White-Label and customized      

Your brand is the star of the night! The platform carries your brand and color palette, with no reference to Ann. Modify your platform to best fit your needs, receiving personalized service and a hands-on approach from our team towards the development of features and requests on-demand.

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Boost UX with the ANN Converter

Reshape your curriculum into the world’s first fully interactive format, with assessments for every exercise and gamification layers built around your legacy content, that respect your design and pedagogy. Create a library of textbooks into the Platform, with assessments for all exercises.

Receive an Admin Dashboard      

Utilize a comprehensive interface that displays usability metrics for each school, district, and state using your learning platform, also enabling a seamless onboarding of new schools and institutions adopting your platform and full ownership of the data for driven decision making about the product.

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Hassle for teachers. A simple interface that allow them to send lessons straight from the materials and receive reports with insightful data about the students on both individual and collective levels.

Stable & Secure        

Receive our full SLA commitment to providing a stable, reliable, and accessible platform that operates at the height of its functionality at all times, while providing state-of-the-art data protection and privacy for all users, powered by Google.

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Rostering and integration

Fully compatible with all other platforms and systems schools and publishers rely on, integrate it to your favorite LMS! making it a practical “added value” solution with frictionless onboarding. SSO included.

Agile & Accessible

Displayable on any device and screen size with AA+ accessibility standards.

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Create new revenue streams and boost your digital offerings with Ann's LXP!

Interested in learning more about Ann's White-Label solutions?

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