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Unleash the potential of your curriculum and bring your content to life.

Treat your legacy content with love!

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Completely Interactive

Gain insights on the usability of your materials.

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Not based on templates

Built around your materials. Limitless.

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Real-Time Data Reports

State-of-the-art privacy and data protection.

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Maintain your original designs

Preserve your illustration and exercise formats.

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Easy integration

Integrate the new materials to your existing Learning Experience Platform!

Experience the #Annification!

Let’s solve a few exercises as learners and brush up on our homework skills!

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Benefit from a network of features including:

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Real-Time Assessments

Give immediate assessments to students on 
every exercise in your titles.



Responsive to any device  and displayable on all screen sizes with full adaptability.

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Teacher Analytics

Provide teachers with practical insights on individual students and the classroom as a whole

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Enhance the user experience by adding gamification layers to the curriculum.

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Multi-Media Support

Apply a plethora of different content formats 
into your textbooks and consumables.

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