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We’re on a mission to reinvent learning

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Maximize human potential through technology and education.

Providing publishers with the right tools, methods, and technology in their journey, will lead the way towards transforming education and reinventing the way we learn, reshaping the world into a better version.

Meet the founders!

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Co-Founder & Chief of Design

Dan Bar Or

I'm in love with changing the status quo and crazy about personalization and simplicity.

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Co-Founder & CEO

Yotam Shtayner

On a mission to maximize the potential of billions by reinventing learning.


Co-Founder & CTO

Elad Sulami

I believe technology can be seen as art, as we are creating something unique.

Rather than being a tool, Ann is a partner.

Traditional authoring tools are expensive, time-consuming and simply unpleasant to use. We strive to be your companion in your journey towards digital transformation, giving you the most practical method to reshape legacy content. We are a SaaS that will do it for you, hassle free. 


We're passionate learners who see an opportunity to create  impact.

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