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Make your existing curriculum

in 30 days.

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Transform static curriculum into fully interactive content that enables online, personalized instruction and activities, with assessments for every exercise.

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Accelerated by

How Ann Works:

In 3 simple steps

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You can integrate it into your platform with the Ann Converter, or use our own end-to-end web application, containing:

  • Student App

  • Teacher App

  • Publisher Admin



Our technology will transform it into a fully interactive experience, while respecting the original design and pedagogy of the title.


You’ll send us your legacy content in it’s static form (like a pdf file, for example).

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“Ann is a game changer for our business growth.

Eyal Shefer Head of Technology@ Wizdi

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Our products:

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Ann Converter
  • Save time and costs on time-to-market and development

  • Strengthen your digital presence

  • Create more revenue channels

  • Take care of all your digital needs under a single roof

  • Innovate your digital offerings using Publisher-centric features

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White-Label platform
  • Discover our tools and methods for transforming your curriculum.

  • Save time and costs on content regeneration

  • Maintain and leverage your #1 asset

  • Gain an edge in attaining market share

  • Convert your existing curriculum to fully interactive, dynamic content

  • Openly integrate with all your existing platforms and systems

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A word from our customers


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“Ann unites all the qualities we were looking for in a tech partner.“


Muhtar Bakare CEO @ Kachifo/Farafina

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"Ann brings to the table an amazing product and they are outstandingly responsive"


Angelle Lailhengue

Director of Curriculum @ Infobase

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"Ann is a game changer for our business growth."

Eyal Shefer

Head of Technology @ Wizdi

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