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Our learning platform turns your content into an immersive and personalized hybrid learning experience, by integrating ANY textbook in the world
Logos Weizmann Institute of Science and NYU
Logos Weizmann institute of science and NYU
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5 Out of 5 in teachers' satisfaction survey
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18% Increase in math scores compared to traditional methods

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"Effective teaching and learning" about how Ann changed the entire learning experience for a class of 11th graders.
The perfect platform for publishers
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We offer an e-teaching solution that helps publishers and educators maximize their students’ potential, by developing personalized learning paths, and without the pain of developing a new curriculum or building and maintaining a strong tech department.


Ann is perfectly suited for hybrid learning: it’s multiplatform and mobile friendly! Like content should be.

Enhancing the learning experience

Ann's machine learning algorithms understand students’ behavior and progress, then provide teachers with options on how to create the most effective learning experience for each one. Matching the insights provided by the platform with the classroom’s routine improves the entire learning experience for both teachers and students.

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Each student is unique!

Ann’s artificial intelligence breaks down the curriculum and creates personalized learning paths to boost engagement and understanding. The paths are based on the student’s psychological profile, skill and motivation levels, and provide them the most engaging learning experience possible by respecting their differences.

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Integrate any textbook in
the world!

Publisher, take a step into the future! Ann’s innovative approach allows it to adapt any type of content to the platform. Teachers can keep using the textbooks and other resources they are used to through Ann. The teacher’s instructions are enhanced by the platform’s built-in aides: explainer videos, written explanations and peer support - students can benefit from the type of aide that suits them best.

What educators and students are saying about Ann
What educators and students are saying about Ann

What educators and students are saying


I was really impressed with the student progress tracker and so were my colleagues. Being able to see the progress of the class as a whole and of each student separately including the time they spent on each exercise is amazing.

Gyora,Math Teacher, Israel

Our collaborations
Our collaborations

our collaborations

Israel Innovation Authority
Taking Innovation to the Next Level
The Israel Innovation Authority, an independent publicly funded agency, was thus created to provide a variety of practical tools and funding platforms aimed at effectively addressing the dynamic and changing needs of the local and international innovation ecosystems.
Pie challenge
PIE Challenge
The 8200 Alumni Association & Trump Foundation for education are proud to present:
A first-of-its-kind national challenge in Israel to promote personalized learning solutions in high school math classrooms. The winners will receive a Prize of One Million NIS and will get to implement their solution in dozens of high schools throughout Israel's social periphery
Pie challenge
Sigma Labs
SigmaLabs Accelerator
We are a ‘For Founders, By Founders’ accelerator. We focus on reaching product validation, market fit and building the right fundraising strategy for you. In a 3-month program, our carefully chosen startups, achieve early success and have a higher probability of closing a financing round.
Sigma Labs Accelerator
Gool online Studies
GOOL Online Studies
The GOOL site was established in 2008 to help students realize their academic aspirations. Today, GOOL is the largest and leading online study site in Israel with tens of thousands of subscribers. In recent years, the site has led to a revolution in the world of academic studies and a real change in the learning culture.
Gool Online Studies
Learning in Noam
The private school "Learning in Noam"
is an educational center that provides enrichment classes for classes of up to 3 students per class.We are happy to cooperate with the teachers and students of "Learning in Noam" and to give them the most appropriate tools.
Learning by Noam

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