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Extract Maximum Value from Your Curriculum

Transform your existing assets into highly engaging, digital-interactive curriculum in a fraction of the usual time and cost. 

Static Content

Creating digital interactive content - a game you can't win.

With the existing solutions, you're caught in a constant trade-off between quality, speed, and affordability.
Ann is your way of winning the digital interactive game. Our team will create the best interactives in the market in a fraction of the usual time and cost, with the assets you already own and love.

Use Ann's Generative AI to grow your assets

Change difficulty
Change interaction
Change theme
Change standard
Change Interaction
Change difficulty

With just a click, Ann enables you to effortlessly create multiple versions of your content. 
Utilize your existing items as a foundation to create:

a) Varied difficulty levels.
b) Diverse interaction types.

c) Different themes (e.g., from nature scenes to outer space visuals).
d) Adjusted educational standards (e.g., from CCSS.1.OA.C.6 to CCSS.1.NBT.B.3).

Discover how these generated items can enrich your interactive libraries, facilitate adaptive learning for your students, and much more.

Reduce teachers’ workload and increase teaching efficiency

Enhance your products with grading and analytics capabilities. Make your Brand stand out while reducing teachers’ workload and increasing efficiency. Track student performance, provide instant assessment and feedback on exercises, and let educators focus on what they do best: teaching!

Words from our clients

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From Static to Dynamic

Our AI-Led transformation process

Your Existing Curriculum

Interactive item

Our AI-led interactive authoring process handles any subject, language, and age group - from math to social studies, and from pre-K to gray. 
The AI extracts static items from your curriculum and transforms them into interactive digital equivalents, maintaining the original content's educational integrity and design. These interactive items can then be further edited and enhanced within our editor to meet your highest standards.

Tadaaa! Now you have a library full of interactive items, that can be integrated into your existing workflows.

Each interactive element adheres to the highest standards in the market

Each interactive element adheres to the highest standards in the market

Display it Your Way

Examples of how our clients are using the interactive item bank

E-book add-ons

Enhance your source e-books by embedding the interactive items as additional layers. This approach enriches the original content while maintaining its structure, adding an interactive dimension to digital workbooks.

Standalone activities

Utilize the interactive items as standalone activities, independent of the original curriculum. This approach offers clients the flexibility to enhance various educational products with additional interactivity, without being restricted to the original files.

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Everybody Wins!

Curriculum Providers

  • Effortlessly update catalogs with digital interactivity.

  • Save time, labor and costs.

  • Unlock new revenue opportunities.


  • Use familiar content, updated for today’s digital classrooms.

  • Significantly reduce workload with auto-grading and actionable classroom insights.


  • Have more fun while learning.

  • Engaging digital experience.

  • Receive instant feedback.

  • Improved learning outcomes.

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